Aviva Stahl is a Brooklyn-based investigative journalist who writes about science at the intersection of mass incarceration, national security and trans rights. She received her B.A. at McGill University and holds an MSc in the Sociology of Race from the London School of Economics.

Her work has been published by a number of outlets, including Wired, the New York Times, the Guardian, BuzzFeed News, the Nation and many others.

Email Aviva with feedback, story ideas or tips at aviva.stahl(at)gmail.com. Follow her on Twitter @stahlidarity. Get regular updates about her work by signing up here. If you want to help support and sustain Aviva’s work, consider checking out her Patreon here.

PGP fingerprint BDF1 7F0B CC06 8BC3 12C7 6025 164D 4C2C 9FFE CAFF.  Public key available here.  

People who are detained or incarcerated are encouraged to write Aviva at: Aviva StahlPO Box 205-329Brooklyn, NY 11220.

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