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When Force-Feeding Is Torture: After years of litigation, Type Investigations and The Nation have acquired footage of a force-feeding at a federal prison. It shows treatment that may amount to torture.
The Nation • March 2023

Building Jewish Life Behind Bars: A new organization called Matir Asurim provides Jewish resources in prisons and resists the policing of Jewish identity
Jewish Currents • February 2023

Brittney Griner Faced Brutal Conditions in Jail—but So Did Viktor Bout
The Nation • December 2022

Community Health Clinics Set to Lose Critical $100 Million Funding Stream
New York Focus • October 2022

A Historic Jewish Wedding in a New Jersey Women’s Prison: Two brides tie the knot with human volunteers acting as chuppah poles
Jewish Currents • June 2022

Strip searches, trauma, isolation: Trans men describe life behind bars
NBC News • December 2021

Prisoners, Doctors, and the Battle Over Trans Medical Care: Those who are incarcerated are suing for their right to gender confirmation surgery—if deemed necessary. Meet the psychiatrist who almost always says it’s not
Wired • July 2021

Meet The “Fringe Extremists” Pushing Flawed Science To Target Trans Kids
Buzzfeed News • April 2021

Prisons have already failed to contain Covid-19. What happens when the new variants arrive?
Vox • January 2021

Indefinite silence: How SAMs imperil press freedom
Columbia Journalism Review • January 2021

The Zoom Signal Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors
OneZero • October 2020

How COVID-19 is Affecting Assault Survivors Affecting Care
The Appeal • August 2020

We Have Already Stopped Calling The Cops:  What we can learn about police abolition from domestic violence activists
Bustle • July 2020

Queer Liberation March Draws Massive Crowd: “No Barricades, No Cops, And Keeping Black Trans People Safe”
Gothamist • June 2020

For Abused Women, a Pandemic Lockdown Holds Dangers of Its Own
The New York Times • March 2020

‘This is where my everything is’: US citizen suddenly faces deportation
The Guardian • November 2019

“What Follow Punishment?: Data shows that community-support circles decrease rates of sex-offender recidivism. One program may lead the way when it comes to reintegrating offenders into society.”
The Outline • September 2019

Why federal prisons like the one where Epstein was held aren’t held accountable
Columbia Journalism Review • August 2019

‘Toilet Waste And Feces Were All Over The Floors’: Federal Jail Where Epstein Died Is Still A ‘Dangerous’ Place
Gothamist • August 2019

One conspiracy theory about Jeffrey Epstein’s death is real, and it’s been right under our noses all along
The Independent (UK)  • August 2019

Force-Feeding Is Cruel, Painful, and Degrading—and American Prisons Won’t Stop
The Nation (print) • June 2019

California Pursues a Victims-First Approach to Rape-Kit Testing
Truth-Dig  • February 2019

‘There Are No More Excuses’: Protesters Demand That Cuomo Staff The Parole Board
Gothamist • April 2019

These LA Activists Are Showing How to Fight Surveillance Under Trump
In These Times  • November 2018

Amnesty says French counter-terrorism restrictions violate international law
Middle East Eye • November 2018

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance: a Primer on Trans Rights in NYC & State
Gothamist • November 2018

Advocates Say Brooklyn DA’s Office is Prosecuting Transgender People in Self-Defense Cases
The Appeal • October 2018

When It Comes to Sexual Assault, This Artist Thinks We’re Not Focusing Enough on Those Who Do the Harming
Rewire News • October 2018

What Real Radical Think About the FBI Hunting ‘Black Identity Extremists’
Vice  • September 2018

‘We’re Monumentally Fucked’: Trans Sex Workers on Life Under FOSTA/SESTA
Broadly • August 2018

A Birthright Protest Livestream Disappeared From Facebook
Jewish Currents • August 2018 

The Sexual Assault Epidemic That No One Is Talking About
Village Voice • July 2018

How to Get the Best Out of (and Survive the Worst of) City Pools
Village Voice • July 2018

Supporters Ask Brooklyn DA to Drop All Charges Against Trans Woman Charged With Felony Offenses
Rewire • June 2018

Prisoners Endure A Nightmare ‘Gulag’ In Lower Manhattan, Hidden In Plain Sight
Gothamist • June 2018

Baruch Invited the CIA to Recruit on Campus, and Faculty Are Steamed
Village Voice • May 2018

Trans Woman Wins $100K Settlement After Reporting Brutal Rape in a Men’s Prison
Broadly • April 2018

Advocates Fight Texas Statute Delaying Transgender Prisoners’ Ability to Change Their Names
In Justice Today • April 2018

“An Ordinary Muslim” and the Clichés of Culture Clash on Stage
The Intercept • March 2018

We Can’t Fight Rape Culture Without Fighting Mass Incarceration
Broadly • February 2018

Christian Group that Pushed “Bathroom Bills” is Taking Anti-Transgender Fight to Prisons
The Intercept • January 2017

New York City Jails Still Can’t Keep Trans Prisoners Safe
Village Voice • December 2017

Transgender Prisoners: What an Inmate’s Surgery Means for Trans Rights
Rolling Stone  • November 2017

Extreme Isolation for U.S. Prisoners Shield “Torture” from Public View and Accountability
The Intercept  • October 2017

Poster Campaign Calls Brooklyn College Students ‘Terrorist Supporters’
The Village Voice  • October 2017

The End of DACA Is the Latest Nightmare for Undocumented Muslims
Vice • September 2017

Khader El-Yateem Could Be the First Socialist Palestinian Pastor on the City Council
The Village Voice (print) • September 2017

Young South Asian Women in Queens Take on Islamophobia and the Patriarchy
The Village Voice (print) • August 2017

A Black Trans Woman With PTSD Facing Prison Has Not Been Allowed Access to a Mental Health Court
Rewire • August 2017

Why Is ICE Closing Its Only Detention Center for Transgender Detainees?
Vice Magazine • June 2017

The Muslim Millennial Leading the Anti-Trump Resistance
Vice • June 2017

Coming Soon: A Rare Look At How Terrorism Cases Are Made
The Village Voice • May 2017

Masjid al-Rabia Is a Mosque for All Muslims
Teen Vogue • March 2017

The NYPD Just Agreed to New Oversight When Spying on Citizens
Vice • March 2017

LGBT groups speak out against Trump’s ‘bigotry screening’ for Muslims
Middle East Eye • February 2017

Dream On: Being a DACA Enrollee in Trump’s America
Harper’s • January 2017

Behind Bars for 6 Months, Teen Accused of Killing Abusive Father Awaits Justice
Broadly • January 2017

A March Against Hate Shows Bay Ridge Grappling With Trump’s America
The Village Voice • January 2017

New York’s Indo-Carribean Community Honors Its Victims of Domestic Violence
Jezebel • January 2017

New York’s Pro-Israel Blacklist
The Village Voice • December 2016

How Do We Unlearn Racism?
Complex • November 2016

A Shadowy Website Targets Student Protesters With ‘Classic McCarthyism’
The Village Voice • October 2016

How a Clinton-Era Law Is Still Criminalizing Immigrants Today
Vice • October 2016

The Questionable Science Behind Government Terrorist-Prevention Efforts 
Vice • October 2016

The Impossibility of Asylum When You Have a Criminal Record
Vice • September 2016

Were these College Students Targeted for Disciplinary Action Because of their Pro-Palestine Politics?
The Nation • September 2016

Is a Prison Strike Leader Being Falsely Accused of Inciting Terrorism?
AlterNet • August 2016

Here’s Who Profits Off of Mass Incarceration After Private Prisons Close
Broadly • August 2016

How Immigrants Get Deported for Alleged Gang Involvement
Vice • August 2016

How Do You Stop the Surveillance State from Spreading? It’s a Lot Trickier Than You Might Think
AlterNet • July 2016

Trans Woman on 31st Day of Hunger Strike to Protest Housing Conditions in Jail
Broadly • July 2016

‘This Is an Epidemic’: How NYC Public Schools Punish Girls for Being Raped
Broadly • June 2016

South Asian migrants say they were put in ‘body bags’ for deportation from US
The Guardian • May 2016

FBI Is Manufacturing Terror Plots Against Jewish-Americans, Driving Divisions Between Jews and Muslims
AlterNet • May 2016

Concern over ‘political’ use of solitary confinement in European prisons
The Guardian • May 2016

Opening the Door: What Will It Take to End Long-Term Solitary Confinement in America’s Prisons? Colorado Could Be the First to Find Out
Solitary Watch • April 2016 (co-authored with Jean Casella)

How Much NYPD Spying Is Too Much NYPD Spying?
Gothamist • April 2016

Why Sex Criminals Get Locked Up Forever
Vice • April 2016

With All Eyes on Trump, Obama Is Using “Legal Fiction” To Deport Muslims
AlterNet • April 2016

NYPD Using Cold War Excuse To Block Information On Muslim Spying
Gothamist • March 2016

Reclaiming What It Means to Be Muslim, One Open Mic at a Time
Broadly • February 2016

This Four-Year Saga Shows How the US Became the Global Cops in the War on Terror
Vice News • February 2016

The Shocking, Painful Trauma of Being a Trans Prisoner in Solitary Confinement
Broadly • January 2016

Brooklyn College Students: NYPD Illegally Spied On Us & Lied About It
Gothamist • January 2016

Immigrant Detainees Accuse US of Using Sleep Deprivation During Hunger Strike
Vice News • December 2015

More Than 100 US Immigrant Detainees Are On Hunger Strike This Thanksgiving
Vice News • November 2015

NYPD Admits Spying On Muslim College Students But Denies “Overarching Blanket Surveillance”
Gothamist • November 2015

Inside The Yarl’s Wood Immigration Center Protests
The Establishment • November 2015

NYPD Undercover “Converted” To Islam To Spy On Brooklyn College Students
Gothamist • October 2015

A New Report Shows How Horrible Life Behind Bars Is for LGBT People
Vice • October 2015

How Britain Does Supermax: In Her Majesty’s Prisons, Long-Term Isolation Is Rare—But Still Harsh for the Few Who Endure It
Solitary Watch • October 2015

How US immigration officers use dubious identity papers to deport people
Al Jazeera America • September 2015

The Uphill Battle to Make Prison Safer for Trans Women
Vice • April 2015

British and American Immigrant Detainees Are Going on Hunger Strikes for the Same Rights
Vice • March 2015

The Fear of Homegrown Terror Is Breeding Repression in the UK
Truth-Out • March 2015

In Canada, a Death in Prison Sparks Debate, Lawsuits Over Solitary Confinement
Solitary Watch • February 2015

New Federal Supermax Prison Will Double Capacity for Extreme Solitary Confinement
Solitary Watch • January 2015

UN Committee on Torture Questions U.S. Record on Solitary Confinement
Solitary Watch • November 2014

Could NYC’s Immigration Reform Spark a Federal Crackdown?
Gothamist • October 2014

American Experts Urge British Not to Believe What They Hear About US Prison Conditions
Solitary Watch • September 2014

Trangender Women in New York State Prisons Face Solitary Confinement and Sexual Assault
Solitary Watch • August 2014

Bronx Protesters Demand Justice For Death Of Mentally Ill Rikers Inmate
Gothamist • June 2014

In a Maryland Jail, Teens Charged As Adults Face Isolation and Neglect
Solitary Watch  • June 2014

Why Are Queer Activists and Muslim Scholars Holding Vigils Outside a Manhattan Prison?
The Nation • May 2014

New York City’s New Corrections Chief, Known for Solitary Confinement Reforms, Faces Steep Challenges on Rikers Island
Solitary Watch  •  April 2014

UN Investigator Says Long-Term Solitary Confinement in New York State Prisons Is Torture
Solitary Watch  •  April 2014

Torture on Death Row: Court Rules Against Automatic Use of Solitary Confinement for the Condemned
Solitary Watch • March 2014

US confiscating a quarter of “Holy Land Five” wife’s wages
The Electronic Intifada • March 2014

How a British Citizen Was Stripped of His Citizenship, Then Sent to a Manhattan Prison
The Nation • February 2014

Voices from Solitary: Hunger Strike in Menard Prison
Solitary Watch • January 2014

As New York City Jails Amend Their Solitary Confinement Practices, Abuses on Rikers Island Continue
Solitary Watch • January 2014

New Campaign Highlights Post-9/11 Civil and Human Rights Abuses on American Soil
Solitary Watch • January 2014

‘You Should Have Shot the Son of a Bitch’: Listen to Police Joke About Murdering a Black Man
AlterNet • January 2014

Children Locked Up For Life: 10 Shockers About America’s Prison System
AlterNet • November 2013

The Powerful Lesson of New York’s Police Oversight Law
The Nation • July 2013


The Ongoing Trauma of the Muslim Students an Undercover Cop Spied on For 4 Years
Broadly • April 2017 (co-authored with Jeanne Theoharis)

First They Came for the Muslim-Americans: Surveillance of Muslim-American communities should concern us all
The Washington Spectator • August 2016

Islamophobic surveillance is here to stay
Al Jazeera America • January 2015

The Expatriate Terrorist Act: An American culture of fear
Fusion • April 2015

Collective Punishment: The New Law of the United Kingdom?
Truth-Out •  May 2014

Hungary’s far-right and the ‘Jewish ancestry’ slippage
Al Jazeera English •  April 2014

On Hate: A Response to Peter Tatchell
The Multicultural Politic • April 2013


Into  • October 2018

Forgotten Histories: Women of the First Intifada (a Q&A with the director of the documentary, “Naila and the Uprising”)
Jewish Currents • July 2018

What I Learned from Writing a Play About My Transition: An interview with Mashuq Mushtaq Deen
Vice • February 2018

Mashuq Mushtaq Deen’s “Draw the Circle” Tells a Story of Transitioning With Admirable Candor
The Village Voice • February 2018

The Documentary Play “De Novo” Faces the Murkiness of the Migration Crisis
Village Voice • December 2017

Anna Ziegler’s “Actually” Joins the National Conversation About Sexual Assault
The Village Voice  • November 2017

“The Siege” Illuminates the Point of View of Palestinian Fighters
The Village Voice  • October 2017

Trust in Instinct: Sarah Schulman embeds shame within the emotional landscape of Conflict Is Not Abuse
The New Inquiry  • May 2016

‘On The Inside’ Features The Work Of Incarcerated LGBTQ Artists
The Village Voice  • November 2016

Marina Budhos on Muslim stereotypes, Surveillance and Trump’s America
Lithub  • November 2016

Can’t Wait Forever: An interview with the creators of the multimedia project, “The Native and the Refugee”
The New Inquiry  • November 2016

What Solitary Confinement Looks Like on Stage
Vice • July 2016

Guarding Solitary Confinement: Interview with a Former Corrections Officer Who Worked in Prison Isolation Units
Solitary Watch • June 2016

“This Is a Public Safety Approach”: Solitary Confinement Reform Begins in Idaho
Solitary Watch • May 2016

Why Feminists Should Care About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The Establishment • April 2016

“My Words Are Dangerous”: An Interview with Christopher Zoukis
In These Times • January 2016

‘I Am Isolated in a Cell 23 to 24 Hours a Day’: An Interview with Trans Inmate Synthia China Blast
Jezebel • November 2015

From Incarceration to Decarceration: The Need to Abolish Prisons
Monthly Review • November 2015

“This Draconian System of Punishment and Abuse”: An Interview with Former Political Prisoner Ray Luc Levasseur
Solitary Watch • November 2013


The Appeal Podcast: Criminalizing Trans Lives
November 2018

The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast: We Can’t Fight Rape Culture Without Fighting Mass Incarceration
March 2018

Sirius Radio “Make It Plain”: AlterNet’s Aviva Stahl Exposes the FBI’s Manufactured Terror Plots
May 2016

88.5 WMNF True Talk: Samar Jarrah Interviews Aviva Stahl about Anti-Semitism & Entrapment Plots
May 2016

HuffPost Live: NYPD to Settle Two Muslim Surveillance Lawsuits
January 2016

Straight up on BRIC TV: Countering Terrorism
December 2015

Unauthorized Disclosure PodcastNYPD Infiltration of Brooklyn College Suggests Surveillance of Muslims Continues
November 2015

Unauthorized Disclosure PodcastAviva Stahl & Abraham Paulos on hunger strikes and resistance in detention 
March 2015